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After the firt 3D game prototype "Alien Attack" using sprite scaling for characters, now we completed our dirty tough job.... and
"Toxie Radd 3D" is online on NG!

The third episode of the Toxie Radd saga, marking the jump from top-down to a full 3D first person shooter!
All is possible thanks to a long and hard programming work that created, from scratch, our own new Xplo-R3D engine able to manage in Flash complex 3D enviroments, animated models and an attempt of 3D sound :D

Would you understand and appreciate the huge effort in developing a realtime 3D game in Flash...rate it 5!!!
Enjoy :D

Joe is back again... Now in full 3D real time FPS!!!

3D real-time engine for Flashgame ...puf....pant... we did it!

2011-04-13 13:42:14 by Xplored

Yes we did it.
We believed it was possible and now we got our first prototype game wroking in 3D real time on Flash.
It's not a revolution we know, and other developers are working in this direction, but now... we have our own 3D FLash engine and maaany new game in 3D will come out.
The gameplay could be more involving, addicting and so on...but it's just the first 3D game by us.
Any suggestion from you is welcome.
Thanks for supporting us on our first tile "Alien Attack 3D". The more you vote it 5 the more 3D games we'll have the chance to develop for you!

enjoy it!

3D real-time engine for Flashgame ...puf....pant... we did it!

Many of you asked for it!
Thanks to the success of Darkbase RTS, where you were controlling the Marine forces against the Aliens, we decided to listen and satisfy your request to play with the Alien Army too!

The funniest job for us was to listen Tomamoto recording his voice while grunting and snorting like and alien!!!

We hope you enjoy it!

Now it's time for Aliens' Revenge >:D

Here we are!!!
After many months of work, we've released today our 3rd installment of "Zombies in the Shadow".
This chapter is titled "The Saviour": help Jim to rescue his family during the zombie apocalypse!
From a good zombie shooter, here we present a very rich adventure RPG with voiceover dialogues and a...lot of blood!
We sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Zombies in the Shadow: how to upgrade a shooter into a thrilling zombie adventure RPG

Today is the day of the Apokalyx!

Thanks to Tom our game is in frontpage! ...after 1 full year of hard work and dreams about future development :D
Thanks to all of you Apokalyx is just highly rated and we sincerely hope you enjoy it!

But today is also few-days-from-halloween... so we prepared our gladiator for the party >:D

Today is the Apokalyx...but Halloween is coming...too!

"Zombies in the Shadow" daily 2nd! THANK YOU!!!

2010-04-12 08:51:52 by Xplored

We did it!
3 daily top 5 in almost 1 month!
After "Season of war" (1st place) and "Red Jet Rabbit" (2nd)... you guys voted us so high even yesturday to win again the daily 2nd place with our newest "Zombies in the Shadow".

We are so pleased you liked it and also that many of you appreciated the 2 innovative gameplay elements we implemented: the mix of defence and run'n'gun, and the innovative multiple lighting system with dynamic shadows!
To who has not yet played it... com'on! What are you doing still here?
>:-D Click and Play it.
To all the others: thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!!!!

"Zombies in the Shadow" daily 2nd!       THANK YOU!!!

Yes we did it!
After action shooters, brawlers and RTS...
..we launched a completely new style of game coming from a fool idea.
Help our bravehearted rabbit in LOVE to crash his own new race car!
Upgrade your car, drive faster and faster, destroy it 100% against obstacoles and toos get the kiss of your love!

We tried also for the 1st time of our company to produce a game with no 3D graphics but old style handpainted cartoon art.
You may Play it here.

Hope you enjoy it!
...if you are a bit'll do it for sure ;-D

CRASH the car of a rabbit-in-love in our newest CRAZY CARTOON GAME!!

How may times we were asking to ourselves... "May we bring the look&feel of old style PC RTS games into a flashgame?"
And...after mind shrinking and hard working it is!

"Season of War"
Play it now here.

If you loved Warcraft, Starcraft, Command&Conquer and so on... you'll appreciate our effort and final result. At least this is what we hope.
We also worked on the story in order to make it cross and match to the fantasy saga we are working for other titles (just released and linked and newcoming ones). In our story and mood it's not always so clear who are the good ones and who the evil ones... Choose your side in the game and you'll discover how the story could end. Then...if you liked it..try to choose the opposite side and you'll discover the other point of view! the way... thanks to all of you who have just voted SoW so high to be, until now, the best game of the day!
We're looking forward to wake up tomorrow morning and to see Sow kept its precious position.
If you like RTS games and our us ;-D

Thanks for supporting us always so warmly.
Xplored team

The first Real-Time-Strategy flashgame ever is released!

Hi Guys!
That's it. The successful DarkBase saga is now also a shooting Defence game with tons of action!
DarkBase Defence is released on NG
Play it now here.

Click here for Game Instructions and Suggetions.

Let us know your comments.
Enjoy the the ultimate battle Vs aliens!!

Xplored team

New sci-fi shooting DEFENCE game from DarkBase saga!!!

Joe is back! Let's slaughter ton of zombies!!!

2009-12-15 05:32:26 by Xplored

Hi Guys!
Joe is back!!!
Toxie Radd 2 is released on:
Play it now here.

Click here for Game Instructions.

Let us know your comments.
Enjoy the ZOMBIE Apocalypse!!!

Xplored team

Joe is back! Let's slaughter ton of zombies!!!