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"Zombies in the Shadow" daily 2nd! THANK YOU!!!

2010-04-12 08:51:52 by Xplored

We did it!
3 daily top 5 in almost 1 month!
After "Season of war" (1st place) and "Red Jet Rabbit" (2nd)... you guys voted us so high even yesturday to win again the daily 2nd place with our newest "Zombies in the Shadow".

We are so pleased you liked it and also that many of you appreciated the 2 innovative gameplay elements we implemented: the mix of defence and run'n'gun, and the innovative multiple lighting system with dynamic shadows!
To who has not yet played it... com'on! What are you doing still here?
>:-D Click and Play it.
To all the others: thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!!!!

"Zombies in the Shadow" daily 2nd!       THANK YOU!!!


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2010-04-12 12:25:56

Congrats! you all do make some pretty sweet games!


2010-04-29 14:42:39

zombies in the shadow was fucking awsome i love the graphics and the exedigly good compotition of zombies and bosses. cant wait for #2 bet it will be even better than the first.


2010-05-03 07:23:48

I hope you make more zombie games cause you're awesome at making them!


2010-05-05 07:08:25

Get your generic cliche shitty top down shooters off of my newgrounds. All you and your 'co-workers' do is reskin the last zombie/alien shooter you have. You can only say "dynamic lighting" so many fucking times in your descriptions.


2010-07-12 10:41:02

Well the first zombies in the shadow was much better than 20 to die.

Sure the barricade system for the 2nd one is much better but it's still missing my favorite thing about zombie games: freedom

If you're going to make a new Zombies in the Shadow I really hope you make something new (at least for the series) like going to the city, supplies, hunger or day/night cycle.

I feel that ZitS 20 minutes didn't got much popular (yet at least...) because it's pretty much an improved single stage or the original zombies in the shadow, I hope you make something really new in the next one :)

PS: No gatling genocide on ZitS 20 minutes while on the choppah? Aww... :/


2010-10-28 11:30:29

your new game was bad, sorry