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3D real-time engine for Flashgame ...puf....pant... we did it!

2011-04-13 13:42:14 by Xplored

Yes we did it.
We believed it was possible and now we got our first prototype game wroking in 3D real time on Flash.
It's not a revolution we know, and other developers are working in this direction, but now... we have our own 3D FLash engine and maaany new game in 3D will come out.
The gameplay could be more involving, addicting and so on...but it's just the first 3D game by us.
Any suggestion from you is welcome.
Thanks for supporting us on our first tile "Alien Attack 3D". The more you vote it 5 the more 3D games we'll have the chance to develop for you!

enjoy it!

3D real-time engine for Flashgame ...puf....pant... we did it!


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2011-04-13 14:21:27

that's pretty awesome !

but you do realize molehill is coming soon for a public release?

Xplored responds:

Yes we know :D


2011-04-13 14:30:14

nice work the both of you!

Xplored responds:

Thank you!


2011-04-13 14:53:15

I thought the game was kinda boring and straight forward but the coding was really nice so I'm hoping you'll do great stuff with this engine in the future :)

Xplored responds:

Thanks mate


2011-04-13 19:01:20

What is the framerate at 1000 polygons per frames?

Xplored responds:

it depends on the CPU, but on an average CPU (with all other game calculations, particles, graphic effects, AI,....) is usually over 25 FPS.


2011-04-13 19:27:37

Why did you leave out the gun animations from the final release?

Xplored responds:

the first engine had limited performance so we preferred no gun instead of a very low poly gun.
But in the next....well... you must wait the right moment to know :D


2011-04-13 22:01:06

@NightView: Molehill is really low level, so you need to build a game engine on top of it.

You guys are gonna have a huge head start with this I'm sure.


2011-04-13 22:31:54

Finally, you get away from the top-down!

Xplored responds:

hehehe. You're right :D


2011-04-14 06:57:59

I think the fact that you've made a 3D engine in Flash is fuckin GREAT, but the game you made to show it off is super dumb.

Xplored responds:

THanks. New 3D games are under development, where we surely focus more on gameplay :D


2011-04-14 20:39:01

This is truly awesome. :D I enjoyed this a lot. Keep up the great work.


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