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Today is the Apokalyx...but Halloween is coming...too!

2010-10-28 18:23:28 by Xplored

Today is the day of the Apokalyx!

Thanks to Tom our game is in frontpage! ...after 1 full year of hard work and dreams about future development :D
Thanks to all of you Apokalyx is just highly rated and we sincerely hope you enjoy it!

But today is also few-days-from-halloween... so we prepared our gladiator for the party >:D

Today is the Apokalyx...but Halloween is coming...too!


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2010-11-05 15:24:31

Apokalyx is a great game. Still working on Zombies in the Shadows?

Xplored responds:

Still working?!
We're hardly working on the best and richest top-down zombie shooter ever :D
it will be our Xmas gift for you!


2010-12-17 11:32:43

I can't wait for your next generic crap-filled top down shooter!


2010-12-17 11:33:28

But for now, I'll just go through all your submissions and vote zero! Cause you know, just cause I'm 16 that means I can't give constructive criticism!


2011-02-07 04:28:47

Hope Toxie Radd 3 comes out soon.