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Entry #16

Joe is back again... Now in full 3D real time FPS!!!

2011-07-28 11:32:45 by Xplored

After the firt 3D game prototype "Alien Attack" using sprite scaling for characters, now we completed our dirty tough job.... and
"Toxie Radd 3D" is online on NG!

The third episode of the Toxie Radd saga, marking the jump from top-down to a full 3D first person shooter!
All is possible thanks to a long and hard programming work that created, from scratch, our own new Xplo-R3D engine able to manage in Flash complex 3D enviroments, animated models and an attempt of 3D sound :D

Would you understand and appreciate the huge effort in developing a realtime 3D game in Flash...rate it 5!!!
Enjoy :D

Joe is back again... Now in full 3D real time FPS!!!


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2011-07-28 11:44:22

what kind of coding magic is this!!!!!

beautiful, challenging, fun ... top marks :)


2011-07-28 12:05:13

fucking loved every 20 minutes of it.
would you ever consider others to help you make stuff for the project?
cause i'm still gun hoeing to make you that half munched mouse ceiling torso boss.


2011-08-05 09:53:55

make a shotgun one to and this is so fun


2011-09-08 08:50:31

The game was good. I was bit dissapointe dfor it not being 3rd person and having same lacky ending when Joe says ''I'll have answers...not now but soon!!!'' didn't he say same thing in Toxie Radd 2? lol. Still i liked it.