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The first Real-Time-Strategy flashgame ever is released!

2010-03-07 13:45:31 by Xplored

How may times we were asking to ourselves... "May we bring the look&feel of old style PC RTS games into a flashgame?"
And...after mind shrinking and hard working it is!

"Season of War"
Play it now here.

If you loved Warcraft, Starcraft, Command&Conquer and so on... you'll appreciate our effort and final result. At least this is what we hope.
We also worked on the story in order to make it cross and match to the fantasy saga we are working for other titles (just released and linked and newcoming ones). In our story and mood it's not always so clear who are the good ones and who the evil ones... Choose your side in the game and you'll discover how the story could end. Then...if you liked it..try to choose the opposite side and you'll discover the other point of view! the way... thanks to all of you who have just voted SoW so high to be, until now, the best game of the day!
We're looking forward to wake up tomorrow morning and to see Sow kept its precious position.
If you like RTS games and our us ;-D

Thanks for supporting us always so warmly.
Xplored team

The first Real-Time-Strategy flashgame ever is released!


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2010-03-07 16:26:17

I wouldn't say first actually


2010-03-07 20:05:37

are there any others? cos I can't really think of any.

Xplored responds:

you are right. It's easy to say "first? impossible!". But I personally do not remember real top down RTS like SoW.
THanks for your commment


2010-03-10 13:05:41

i hope it will be a great game with a great rank


2010-03-10 19:19:04

Man all those haters out there lol.... Ive played all your games. Ive liked all your games.. And Ive loved a few of your games. SOOOO... keep it up, I look forward to a good game when I get home from work.... Thanks for making them

Xplored responds:

Thank you for your words.
The time for many days coming from us is coming.
Just continue to follow us in the next days and weeks!